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It's Been a While . . .

Yes, it has! I have spent the last several months (since September, 2010) recovering from 3 different surgeries and I am just now feeling good enough to get back into all my hobbies. I am still in rehab working on getting my knee and ankle more mobile -- but they are coming along nicely.

Surgeries I have had since September, 2010:

September -- total left knee replacement
October -- lapband surgery
December -- right ankle - ruptured peroneal tendon repair

I'm getting antsy enough that I need to get back to being creative. I have too many toys that have been sitting idle and are calling my name out. I have completely redone my blog since I have refocused my time.  So here I go -- I look forward to once again sharing with all of you all the things I love!

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I have been involved in some kind of arts and crafts since I was a child. I love crafts of all kinds but have been narrowing my focus due to time constraints more than anything else. I am so blessed to have a husband and best friend who supports me in everything I do. I love being "Bebe" to Drew, Taylor, Ryan, and Evan. I thank God for everything he has blessed me with!
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