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Cowboy Drew

Drew's (my oldest grandchild) kindergarten class had a Kindergarten Rodeo on March 11, 2011.  Here are some adorable pictures from that event. I am totally amazed at how creative the teachers were.

Trail Ride Through the School,
All the Classes came out into the
hallway to cheer the trail riders on!
Stick Horse Races - I don't guess Drew
 realized he was supposed to ride his
 horse and not just carry it!

Cowboy Drew!
Sitting in the Saddle -- Ride Em Cowboy!

Cutest Little Cowboy Ever!!

Calf Roping
Calf Roping
Not sure what they called this race
Cow Patty Toss
Another one I'm not sure what they called but it was a Father/Son effort -- way to go team!
Sack races -- LOVE that look on his face!
Chuck wagon races
Calf scramble -- they had to chase their friends around and pull the "tail" out of the pocket
Calf scramble in action
Horse Corral
Being a cowboy is hard work - it's time to eat!

I'm a Collector of Hobbies

Well, at least that's what my family tells me. I guess it's probably true but I've discovered over the years that I am not alone -- there are a whole lot of us out there! Seriously, how can a person choose just ONE hobby -- there are so many that are so closely related. I am also sure that I am not the only one whose interest comes and goes in a particular hobby or art form. However, there are several that I always come back to.

I have tried many, many hobbies over the years and truly enjoyed everyone -- well I never could get into knitting - I just tensed up way too much. But pretty much -- if it's out there I have probably tried it. My only problem is not enough time. I would still do all the things I've ever tried if I just had more time and more money -- does this sound familiar to anyone out there? Come on now - you know it does!

And, over the years I have collected the tools for many different hobbies. But you know what? I find that the tools I have collected can be used in many different hobbies - even if they weren't originally intended to be used in that hobby.

So now that I am blogging about the things that I love -- family, hobbies, reading, etc. -- here's some things you can expect to hear from me on:
  • digital die cutting -- my toys include a 24" KNK MAXX cutter and a Silhouette SD cutter
  • reading -- love, love, love my Nook!
  • needlework -- currently into counted canvas work - but I like many forms of needlework and have been doing needlework since I was a child
  • machine embroidery -- while my embroidery machine is not state-of-the-art any more, it is still a very good machine that will serve me for a long time to come -- hey it's currently in the shop having the floppy drive upgraded to a usb drive -- YEAH!
  • quilting -- okay this is new to me but I've got a project that has been around for a very long time that I am determined to finish - plus I have acquired some new toys lately that I got for a steal. I'll be telling you more about the project that pushed me into quilting a little later - I think you will really like the story.
  • scrapbooking and cardmaking -- I've been a scrapbooking/cardmake consultant for a couple of different companies in my past and I still really enjoying this and my digital die cutters are two of my main toys in this area. I still meet with a group of ladies on a monthly basis who like to do scrapbooking -- so I have no intention of dropping this hobby.
Okay, that's all the things I am currently involved in -- I guess you can see why I need to retire so I will have a whole day every day to work on my projects.

Oh and did I mention that I am a software junkie? Apparently I am not satisfied with just using other people's designs -- I need to be able to create my own. I have ALWAYS loved the challenge of learning new software and was very blessed with the ability to learn it quickly. I'll tell you more about the software that goes along with my hobbies in a later post or posts.

Stay tuned everyone -- it's much more fun to blog about things I love doing than it is trying to focus my blogging on ONE thing.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

It's Been a While . . .

Yes, it has! I have spent the last several months (since September, 2010) recovering from 3 different surgeries and I am just now feeling good enough to get back into all my hobbies. I am still in rehab working on getting my knee and ankle more mobile -- but they are coming along nicely.

Surgeries I have had since September, 2010:

September -- total left knee replacement
October -- lapband surgery
December -- right ankle - ruptured peroneal tendon repair

I'm getting antsy enough that I need to get back to being creative. I have too many toys that have been sitting idle and are calling my name out. I have completely redone my blog since I have refocused my time.  So here I go -- I look forward to once again sharing with all of you all the things I love!

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